A couple of days in London...

I'm off to London tonight! It'll be 2 days with lots of work, but I'll also get to meet
Lisa! Yay! :)

I've only been to London once before, in 1992! I'll be back very late Thursday night and luckily I was able to take Friday off, to get some sleep. :)

Friday is a big day in our house. Linus' little rockstar is going to make an appearance on TV. You can watch a little interview (in Swedish) with him here. =)

Edit: It seems like the link above doesn't work anymore. My guess is that the film will be up here later on. :)

Have a fab week everyone!

Postat av: Monnah

Så spännande! Vi håller tummarna för Linus rockstjärna! Hoppas att du får en strålande härlig Londonresa. Jag håller tummarna!

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