Domestic Bliss - Cocoa Daisy January kit

It's a new year...! I hope 2011 has started out in a good way for all of you! 

It's also time for a new Cocoa Daisy kit...! You can find Domestic bliss
here. This kit makes me oh so happy!

This is one of the layouts I've created so far. "Läsa" means reading and Linus really loves to read.

Here's an image of the main kit:

And here's the add on "Cup of sugar":

These Maya Road bingo pieces are just fabulous (4 included in the main kit)!

...and so are the exclusive Cocoa Daisy stamps. Did you know that you can buy these separately?

Postat av: Anna Johansson

Grymt fina LOer du gjort av kitet. Jag ser fram emot att få mitt på posten! Gott nytt scrapår önskas dig!

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